Resolution to Nullify Rule Ensuring Provider Access to Title X Family Planning Program (H. J. Res. 43)

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) introduced a joint resolution to nullify a Department of Health and Human Services rule that sought to ensure no qualified provider is excluded from eligibility for federal funding under the Title X family planning program for reasons unrelated to their ability to provide family planning services.

The rule would have prevented Title X family planning grant recipients from banning abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, from receiving Title X funds. The Senate passed the resolution on March 30, 2017, by a vote of 51-50, with Vice President

Mike Pence casting a tie-breaking vote (Roll Call Vote No. 101, 1st Session, 115th Congress). Democrats – 0 yes, 46 no, 0 not voting; Republicans – 50 yes, 2 no, 0 not voting; Independents – 0 yes, 2 no, 0 not voting.

HRC opposed the resolution.