A Parent’s Quick Guide for In-School Transitions

Produced by the HRC Foundation

HRC Foundation’s Parents for Transgender Equality National Council Members Debi Jackson, Mimi Lemay, Kim Lesher, and Lizette Trujillo along with Welcoming Schools Facilitator Michele Hatchell and Youth Well-Being Coordinator Pallavi Rudraraju teamed up to create HRC Foundation’s 2020 resource for parents of transgender and non-binary children, A Parent’s Quick Guide for In-School Transitions: Empowering Families and Schools to Support Transgender and Non-Binary Students.

This guide supports parents and caregivers navigating the process of in-school social transition with their child and their child’s school. The guide is intended to offer a quick reference for parents through the process, in a step-by-step manner.

Parents and caregivers may find themselves, depending on circumstances, having to play a more active role in “educating the educators” as to what the school needs to do to support and provide a safe, affirming environment for transgender and non-binary students. Therefore, an understanding of your child’s rights is key to this process, as well as being prepared for discussions about your child’s individual needs for privacy and support. The guide breaks the process into three overall sections: Considerations before approaching the school; how to navigate discussions with the school and the tools to bring with you; and finally, some best practices for dealing with any resistance from the school community.

This guide additionally contains:

  • Quotes from transgender and non-binary students, as well as their parents
  • Sample letters to send to your child’s school
  • Links to a host of resources for finding support, knowing your child’s rights, gender support plans and checklists, and model school district guidances and dress codes

To learn more about supporting transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive students, visit HRC’s Welcoming Schools, All Children-All Families, and Youth Well-Being Programs.


A Parent’s Quick Guide for In-School Transitions: Empowering Families and Schools to Support Transgender and Non-Binary Students



Una Guía Rápida para Padres y Madres Para las Transiciones Dentro de la Escuela


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