The Fight for Marriage in California

by HRC Staff

After a hard-fought campaign into which out-of-state anti-LGBT forces poured millions of dollars, Californians were robbed of their fundamental right to marry. Opponents of marriage equality used the same bag of dirty tricks that they unleashed in other states - stating that marriage equality was a threat to children's moral education and would disadvantage religious people and groups. They poured millions of dollars into persuading Californians that their neighbors' equality was a threat to them. We are discouraged that these tactics were successful, but we know that the tide is slowly turning.

Thousands of grassroots and netroots citizens are part of the Courage Campaign, an organization that is mobilizing Californians to fight for the repeal of Proposition 8. Learn more about the Courage Campaign.

The American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal, and The National Center for Lesbian Rights filed a lawsuit in California seeking to invalidate proposition 8. The lawsuit asserts that Proposition 8 conflicts with the California constitution's core commitment to equality for all and that it improperly interferes with the judicial system's essential role of securing equal protections for minorities. The lawsuit argues that a change of this magnitude needed the state legislature's approval (which was not sought) before going on the ballot Please click here for more information about the lawsuit.

HRC has been a key player in the fight for marriage equality in California. Read blog postings, on HRC Back Story, about our work with the No on Prop 8/Equality for All coalition.

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