Senator Loeffler Donated To Virulent Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Agency

by Wyatt Ronan

Today, Buzzfeed News reported that Senator Kelly Loeffler donated $3,800 to “an adoption agency that has a strong anti-LGBTQ ethos and bans same-sex couples from using it.” Covenant Care Adoptions “requires that all adoptive parents be ‘husband and wife’” and calls same sex relationships “a form of sexual immorality,” equating it to bestiality.

Senator Kelly Loeffler’s involvement with an virulent, extremist anti-LGBTQ adoption agency is shameful and something she must answer for, as the eyes of the country turn to Georgia to decide control of the Senate. The people of Georgia overwhelmingly believe LGBTQ people should have the right to create loving families and adopt children. Loeffler’s beliefs are not just out-of-step with modern America, they are out of step with voters. Her decision to associate with this discriminatory group only reaffirms her disdain for LGBTQ equality, making her unfit to represent Georgia in Washington.

This is just the latest example of Loeffler’s growing record of making bad decisions with her money, after she was caught exploiting the pandemic for her own financial gain at the expense of other Americans with insider information. Georgians clearly cannot trust her to act on their behalf or in their interest. Loeffler’s actions prove that she is motivated by greed and an extremist value set that does not belong in the United States Senate.

Alphonso David, Human Rights Campaign President

In October 2020, the Human Rights Campaign released a poll of 400 likely voters in Georgia conducted by Hart Research Associates between September 24-27, 2020. This poll showed support for LGBTQ people’s rights to adopt with 55% approving and 29% opposing, outpacing support for marriage equality in the state. 44% of Georgian’s also said anti-equality views made them less favorable towards a candidate for office with only 7% saying it made them more favorable. Among Georgia Republican voters, only 9% said anti-equality sentiments made them more favorable towards a candidate while 25% said it made them less favorable.

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