Right Wing Bigots Return to 1980 HIV/AIDS Fear-Mongering Tactics

by HRC Staff

WASHINGTON - Based on a story today by the Reuters News Agency about a new strain of staph infection affecting gay men, the right-wing group Concerned Women for America, well-known for their bigotry, took the opportunity to promote their anti-gay hatred. Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese issued the following statement in response to CWA's lies and distortions:

"We've come to expect hysteria and gross distortions from an organization like this and normally their bigoted rants don't even warrant a response. But the statement today about MRSA is beyond the pale. In typical fashion, they disregard the facts and instead chose to demagogue the issue in order to fear-monger. Serious medical issues deserve serious consideration, not wildly off-the-mark press releases from anti-gay groups trying to capture media attention.

We saw this kind of hysteria in the early 1980's around HIV/AIDS, I'll be damned if we will sit idly by in 2008 and let them perpetrate that type of anti-gay hysteria without calling them out on it."

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