People of Hawaii Overwhelmingly Support Equal Rights for Same-Sex Couples

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Coalition delivers poll results, 8000+ constituent communications to Governor Lingle

Honolulu - Today, a coalition of leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations in Hawaii announced poll results indicating a wide majority of the people of Hawaii support equal rights for same-sex couples. The poll was commissioned by Equality Hawaii and conducted by QMark Research. Coalition representatives also delivered more than 8000 postcards, petitions and letters addressed to Governor Lingle to corroborate the findings of the poll.

"Today we deliver news to the Governor that the people of Hawaii overwhelmingly support treating same-sex couples equally under the law. This poll and the subsequent constituent contacts delivered to the Governor today, confirm what we've known for a long time - that Hawaii is a place for tolerance and equality. The time is now to stand against discrimination and to stand for treating all families in Hawaii equally. We are one Hawaii and we urge Governor Lingle to stand with the people of Hawaii in recognizing that enacting civil unions is the right thing to do."

The QMark poll shows 81% agreed that "committed couples and their families, regardless of their sexual preference or orientation, should have the same rights." The number was an increase from a 73% result obtained on the same question in a 2007 poll. Additionally, 64% agreed that "couples of the same gender should have access to the legal privileges and protections of marriage as couples of the opposite gender - as a matter of civil rights."

Coalition members include Equality Hawaii, the GLBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, the Human Rights Campaign, PFLAG-Oahu and Pride Alliance Hawaii. Representatives from each group delivered the poll results and constituent contacts to Governor Lingle in an effort to ensure the record is set straight in advance of the Governor's decision regarding the bill on July 6.

For detailed information on the QMark Poll including question responses and demographic breakdown, go to:

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