National Organization for Marriage Forced to Hand over Previously Undisclosed Tax Returns

by HRC Staff

2009 Form 990 shows NOM represents few wealthy donors, not grassroots

Washington - Following an onsite request by the Human Rights Campaign, the National Organization for Marriage today released its 2009 Form 990, the tax return they are required to submit to the IRS. NOM dated its 990 November 14, 2010, yet did not disclose it publicly until today when it gave an HRC representative a hard-copy of the tax return.

The 990 shows that three wealthy donors contributed 68% of their total donations four donors gave 73% and five donors gave 75%.

"NOM's reluctance to make their tax returns available publicly is par for the course in their pattern of secrecy and shadowy dealings," said Kevin Nix, NOM Project Director for HRC. "While NOM claims to represent a grassroots network, it's not surprising that they've tried to hide the fact that they are almost entirely beholden to a few wealthy, anti-gay donors."

Most of the $7.1 million in '09 revenue came from a few very large donors. These donors could be individuals or corporations but their identities are not required to be disclosed publicly. According to the 990, here is how NOM's top donations break down.

On Monday, January 3, HRC went to the Washington, D.C. NOM office and asked for a copy of its 2009 990 for both its (c) 3 and (c) 4 organizations. Video of the exchange is here. On Tuesday, January 4, HRC went back to the office and obtained a hard-copy of the (c) 4 990. It appears NOM did not provide us with a complete return.

According to IRS regulations, any non-profit organization (which includes NOM) has to produce its returns if asked for in-person on the same day of the request.

NOM's 2009 990 can be found here.

Last month, Fred Karger, a longtime NOM watcher, reported that NOM had not filed their tax returns for 2009. NOM is a joint project by the Human Rights Campaign and the Courage Campaign to uncover the truth for those reporters, general public, and lawmakers who buy into NOM's façade of tolerance and rationality. NOM is nothing more than a fringe player in American politics.

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