Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Signs Executive Order Banning “Conversion Therapy”

by Wyatt Ronan

MINNESOTA — Today, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed an Executive Order banning the harmful practice of “conversion therapy” by licensed providers working with minors. The dangerous, debunked practice of “conversion therapy” falsely claims to change LGBTQ youths sexual orientation or gender identity. In doing so, Governor Walz makes Minnesota the 21st state plus the District of Columbia to have laws banning “conversion therapy” for LGBTQ minors.

Research has clearly shown that conversion therapy practices pose devastating health risks for LGBTQ young people such as depression, decreased self-esteem, substance abuse, homelessness, and even suicidal behavior. The harmful practice is condemned by every major medical and mental health organization, including the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, and American Medical Association. Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David issued the following statement in response to Governor Tim Walz’s Executive Order:

Thanks to today’s decisive action by Governor Tim Walz, LGBTQ young people in Minnesota will be safer, healthier, and more free to be who they are. No longer will any child in the state have to fear the specter of the dangerous and debunked practice of ‘conversion therapy,’ which has no place in Minnesota or anywhere in the United States. Governor Walz’s common sense Executive Order reflects best practice, expert medical voices and mountains of evidence demonstrating that the outcomes of ‘conversion therapy’ are devastating for youth. LGBTQ youth deserve to live their lives authentically​, safe from harm. Today, Minnesota has taken another step toward the promise of full equality for all.

Alphonso David, Human Rights Campaign President

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