Media Primer: 2011 Flashpoints for LGBT Equality

by HRC Staff

Document includes new analysis of the make-up of the 112th Congress sworn in today

WASHINGTON - Today the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, released "2011 Flashpoints for LGBT Equality," a media primer on the LGBT issues landscape for the coming year. The document includes a new analysis of the make-up of the 112th Congress being sworn in today and shows that anti-LGBT lawmakers hold a majority of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. The full document in PDF is available at: {assets_Array:}

As the report states, this new year brings new challenges for LGBT people, but also new opportunities. Last year's elections that resulted in the loss of the House to an anti-equality leadership, along with more anti-LGBT senators, will certainly impede - but not entirely stop - pro-LGBT federal legislative efforts. Looking at the states however, there are clear opportunities for advancing an equality agenda, including in the area of relationship recognition for same-sex couples. Of course, anti-LGBT forces will to try to turn back the clock at every opportunity, and fair-minded Americans will continue to be vigilant to preserve pro-equality laws across the country.As the new Congress is sworn in this today, there is no denying that pro-LGBT numbers have shrunk on Capitol Hill. HRC's new analysis shows a pick-up of 53 House seats to anti-LGBT lawmakers as well as a 5 seat addition in the Senate. Not only do those opposing basic equality hold positions of power as House leaders and committee chairmen, their ranks have swollen to 225 - a solid majority of the chamber. This presents not just a roadblock to progress but also the threat of legislation that could be damaging to the community.

111th 112th Variance
Anti-LGBT 172 225 +53
Pro-LGBT 196 167 -29
Mixed Record 65 43 -22

111th 112th Variance
Anti-LGBT 35 40 +5
Pro-LGBT 42 40 -2
Mixed Record 23 20 -3

The document outlines anticipated flashpoints in Congress, federal administrative changes, state legislatures and courts as well as in American culture and communities.

View the entire document in PDF at:

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