John James’ Silence on SCOTUS is Deafening With LGBTQ Rights Hanging in the Balance

by HRC Staff

Post submitted by Lucas Acosta (he/him), former Deputy Director of Communications, Politics

Amidst the vacancy left by the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Michigan’s John James has refused to take a stand on President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rushing the confirmation of a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court – declining questions from multiple media outlets on his position. Senator Gary Peters has made clear he believes that the President and the Senate should not move forward with a nomination in the middle of an election while people are casting their ballots before we know what the American people think. In response, HRC Michigan State Director Amritha Venkataraman issued the following statement:

Right now, America is more divided than it has ever been, and the country is in constant turmoil and chaos. A rushed political fight over the Supreme Court in the middle of an election will only add to the chaos and division and make things worse. Mitch McConnell and his anti-equality allies in the Senate don’t care about the lasting damage they’re doing to our institutions and our democracy and it appears John James is willing to enable them with his silence on the current Supreme Court vacancy.

So much is at stake in this election for Michiganders, including the future of LGBTQ rights in housing and social safety net programs, health care for people with pre-existing conditions, voting rights, and reproductive rights. John James would enable Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell to further divide us and roll back our rights. It’s more important than ever we re-elect Gary Peters, who will preserve the integrity of the courts, unite all Michiganders, and stand up for equality.

Amritha Venkataraman, HRC Michigan State Director

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