Biden’s Bostock Executive Order Rated Most Popular

by HRC Staff

Post submitted by Viet Tran (he/him/they/them), former HRC Press Secretary

Achieving LGBTQ Equality is the Way to Unite the Nation

Key Points:

  • According to polls analyzed by FiveThirtyEight, President Biden’s most popular executive order thus far was his order prohibiting workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity earning 83% in support.
  • Those polls also show nearly two-thirds of Republicans (64%) support his action prohibiting workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • President Biden’s executive order committing to a government-wide focus on racial equity also received high marks with 77% overall and 52% of Republicans in support.

FiveThirtyEight: Biden’s Initial Batch Of Executive Actions Is Popular

By: Perry Bacon Jr.

In his first week in office, Biden announced at least 33 new policies that he will implement through the executive branch, according to a count from CNN. Polls conducted by Morning Consult and Ipsos since Biden’s first day in office have assessed public opinion on 14 of these policies. In all cases, more of those polled favor the policies than oppose them, and a majority support nearly every policy.

And while polls haven’t been released to specifically ask about Biden’s executive order to reverse the ban on transgender people serving in the military, previous surveys suggest that move will also likely be popular with the public.



In a historic first week, President Biden dramatically improves the lives of millions of LGBTQ people. Read more here.

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