Human Rights Campaign to Mitt Romney: No Second-Class Marriages

by HRC Staff

Washington - Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney told the Boston Herald that he would support a three tiered system of marriage where straight couples are afforded favored status, gay and lesbian couples already married may remain so, but no further gay or lesbian couples may marry.  Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese issued the following statement in response:

"All Americans should be offended by Mitt Romney's harebrained scheme to create further inequality in our laws.  Loving and committed gay and lesbian couples simply want to join in the institution of marriage in order to protect themselves and their children.  Instead of making it easier for families, Mitt Romney's new plan complicates an already difficult landscape.  Given that he has previously expressed support for the Federal Marriage Amendment which would permanently exclude gay and lesbian couples from marriage, this new statement represents yet another position on the issue.  Mitt Romney sure has traveled a long and winding road since the 1994 campaign when he pledged to do more for gays and lesbians than Senator Ted Kennedy."

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