Human Rights Campaign Statements on Pardon of Imprisoned Malawi Couple

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Washington - Media reports indicate that Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, the Malawi couple recently given 14-year jail terms after being convicted of gross indecency and unnatural acts, have been granted a pardon and are being released. The Human Rights Campaign released the following statements:

HRC President Joe Solmonese said: "It is reprehensible to imprison anyone for who they are or who they love. We salute the leaders who have spoken up for Steven and Tiwonge, particularly members of Congress and State Department officials. This is welcomed news that we hope will reverberate around the world in places -- including our own country -- where LGBT people are targeted for harassment and discrimination."

HRC Religion & Faith Program Director Harry Knox said: "We are grateful for the voices of faith leaders from diverse traditions around the globe who spoke out for compassion and fairness for Tiwonge and Steven. HRC's Religion and Faith Program salutes the coalition of religious and secular organizations in the US that called for the couple's release, and also honors the courage of African faith leaders who have called for true justice in Malawi."

The Human Rights Campaign is America's largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against LGBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.

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