Human Rights Campaign Responds to Glenn Youngkin’s Stated Opposition to Marriage Equality

by Wyatt Ronan

Today, the Associated Press published an interview with Glenn Youngkin, an anti-equality candidate for Virginia Governor, in which Youngkin proclaimed his opposition to marriage equality, continuing what has been a series of anti-LGBTQ+ attacks by Youngkin and his allies. Human Rights Campaign Interim President Joni Madison issued the following statement in response to today’s Associated Press report:

“Glenn Youngkin’s opposition to marriage equality is yet another example of how far outside the mainstream and out of touch Youngkin is — not just with a large majority of Virginians, but the majority of Independents and Republicans who support marriage equality as well. His relentless anti-equality messaging as he closes out his campaign is proof that fundamental fairness and equality are at stake in this election. The choice facing Virginians could not be more stark between Terry McAuliffe, a champion for LGBTQ+ equality who will ensure every Virginian is treated equally, lives free from fear, and thrives, and Glenn Youngkin, an extremist whose opposition to marriage equality and threats to allow businesses to discriminate will make the Commonwealth far less welcoming.”

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