Human Rights Campaign Nevada Issues Statement on NV’s Candidates’ Support of Don’t Say Gay or Trans Laws

by HRC Staff

Yesterday, Republican candidate for Nevada Governor, Sheriff Joe Lombardo was asked about the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) endorsement of his opponent, Governor Steve Sisolak, in a radio interview. The reporter called HRC “political activists on the left.” In response, Sheriff Lombardo expressed support for Florida’s discriminatory “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” legislation, putting him grossly out of step with the needs with Nevadans and endangering Nevada’s LGBTQ+ community.

Joe Lombardo’s recent remarks, in support of the dangerous and discriminatory ‘Don’t Say Gay or Trans’ laws are contrary to the needs of everyday Nevadans, 85 percent of whom support equality and nondiscrimination protections according to the Public Religion Research Institute. His recent comments also go against what he's said as Sheriff, proving he's trying to use LGBTQ+ rights as a wedge issue in a competitive primary.

The bottom line: HRC will fight hard to support leaders who support LGBTQ+ Nevadans and call out those who would discriminate against our community.

Karl Catarata, Human Rights Campaign Nevada State Director

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