Human Rights Campaign Foundation Awards Grants to Six Local Nonprofits Mobilizing LGBTQ+ Voters and Their Allies Across Florida

by HRC Staff

"Floridians Know that the Fight for Equality is Far From Over"

FLORIDA — Today the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation – America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for LGBTQ+ people – awarded grants to six local nonprofit organizations conducting nonpartisan voter mobilization in Central and South Florida.

HRC is awarding a grant to the Transinclusive Group in South Florida to inform, energize, and mobilize the transgender community and their allies across South Florida to register and vote in the midterm elections. HRC is also matching grants for Voting Contigo grantees in Central Florida, including:

  • Del Ambiente for their nonpartisan "Vote Con Orgullo" (Vote with Pride) training initiative for organizational leaders and community partners on voting rights and elections. The grant will also fund multilingual digital educational materials focused on engaging the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Dignity Power to support their nonpartisan get-out-the-vote and education efforts on criminal justice reform in state government.

  • Hope Community Center Inc. for their nonpartisan “Vota Por Mi” project, which harnesses the power of LGBTQ+ immigrants and youth who cannot vote to raise their voices by training civic engagement leaders on solidarity-based relational community organizing.

  • LGBT+ Center Orlando for nonpartisan work to help individuals overcome voter restrictions passed after the 2020 presidential election.

  • QLatinx for their nonpartisan “Voting through Arts Activism” program that targets queer and trans people of color in Central Florida ages 18-35, Spanish speakers living with a language barrier, people who mistrust voting by mail, individuals who don't feel safe voting in person, allies, or any other intersection interested in Latinx Pop Culture.

HRC is proud to support community-focused, BIPOC led organizations working to mobilize voters to the polls.

Human Rights Campaign Associate Regional Campaign Director Ryan Wilson released the following statement:

“Floridians know that the fight for equality is far from over. The Human Rights Campaign is proud to invest our resources in six trusted organizations that share our values and have been doing the hard work on the ground to engage and mobilize voters to the polls. It’s our privilege to partner with them.”

Contigo Fund Founding Executive Director Marco Antonio Quiroga released the following statement:

“Now is the critical time to invest in Florida's communities. Contigo Fund launched our Voting Contigo grants leading up to the 2020 election to engage our communities. Through this special partnership between Contigo Fund and the Human Rights Campaign, we are bolstering those leading these critical efforts to support civic engagement aimed at enfranchising and turning out diverse communities, especially people of color, women, immigrants, people with disabilities, youth and rural populations. Together, we know that these additional funds will be vital to empowering those on the frontlines to ensure every voice is heard in this upcoming midterm election.”

Executive Director & Co-Founder of Transinclusive Group Tatiana Williams released the following statement:

“When it seems as if we’re always engaged in a constant fight for our rights, many people aren’t sure if their vote really has an impact. Our vote has never been more important than it is right now, and ensuring strong voter turnout is key to a healthy democracy. Raising our voices at rallies is so important, but if we’re not also heading to the polls, so much of our organizing work is done in vain. For us to have support from the Human Rights Campaign to expand and enhance the nonpartisan get out the vote work we’ve been doing is so impactful and will allow us to continue meeting people where they are to connect them with important election resources and the information they need.”

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