Human Rights Campaign Equality Votes PAC Launches GOTV Effort to Mobilize Equality Voters Ahead of the Georgia Runoff Elections

by HRC Staff

Post submitted by Viet Tran (he/him/they/them), former HRC Press Secretary

HRC's Equality Votes PAC launched a six-figure digital ad campaign focused on voter education and turning out the vote in Georgia early in person, by mail and on Election Day. The campaign, consisting of new videos and peer-to-peer postcard campaign, is focused on educating voters on early voting, and mobilizing them to turn out to vote by January 5th to elect Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

Watch the video: It’s on us, Georgia

“Georgia Equality Voters turned out at higher rates than the general public in the Fall election -- slamming the door shut on Trump and Trumpism. Now, they will finish the job they started in November and ensure that we have a pro-equality majority in the United States Senate for the 117th Congress.

“The Human Rights Campaign’s Equality Votes PAC is investing a significant six figure effort to educate and empower Equality Voters to turn out the vote in the critical Georgia Senate runoff elections. Their votes for Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff will help Joe Biden and Kamala Harris end this pandemic, protect our health care, address systemic racism and build back our economy.”

Jonathan Shields, Deputy Campaign Director

HRC’s Equality Votes PAC also launched a postcard campaign to make sure that at least 15,000 pro-LGBTQ Georgians, who may be at risk of not voting, have the information they need to cast their ballots. Learn more about the campaign at

The ad campaign targets over 400,000 Georgia “Equality Voters” under 55 years old whose turnout is critical to the outcome of the Georgia runoff election. Nearly 60 percent of this statewide audience is under 35 years old, over 80 percent are Black and a plurality are women. Partnering with the data and analytics firm Catalist to create an “Equality Voter Model,” the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) built on decades of voter and polling data to assess the degree to which a person is likely to support pro-LGBTQ policies -- from marriage equality and adoption by LGBTQ parents, to laws that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Supporters in Georgia can go to to verify their voter registration, find out about early in-person or mail voting options and receive election reminders. For more information on how to get involved, sign up to volunteer, or join an advocacy training, visit

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