Human Rights Campaign Equality Votes PAC Launches Final GOTV Effort to Mobilize Michigan Equality Voters

by HRC Staff

Post submitted by Viet Tran (he/him/they/them), former HRC Press Secretary

As voting is underway in Michigan, Equality Votes PAC is releasing new ads targeting key pro-equality voters in swing districts.

The Human Rights Campaign’s Equality Votes PAC launched a digital ad campaign focusing on voter education and turning out the vote in key states across the country including a six figure investment across three key congressional districts in Michigan. The digital ad campaign, comprised of new video, audio, and display ads, is focused on educating voters on early voting, mobilizing them to turn out to vote by November 3rd and holding Trump, Pence accountable. This final investment is in addition to the initial digital ad reservation announced in September, bringing HRC’s total independent expenditure program spend in Michigan to over $185,000 this cycle.

In “Urgency,” we highlight voting options this year and encourage Equality Voters to make a plan to vote.

In “Urgency,” we highlight voting options this year and encourage Equality Voters to make a plan to vote. The ad, as well as an accompanying version in support of HRC endorsed Senate candidate Gary Peters, will run in the 6th, 8th, and 11th congressional districts in Michigan. This video and display ads are estimated to generate over 7 million impressions in the final weeks and will appear on a number of online and social media platforms, including Facebook/Instagram, Vevo, Hulu, Pandora and other premium video and streaming platforms. As part of this program, HRC Equality Votes PAC partnered with Collective Super PAC to provide a $50,000 investment in streaming and terrestrial radio ads featuring Chris Webber to reach young Black voters in the Detroit area.

“Already, over 200,000 Michigan Equality Voters have cast their vote in this election. They are voting in record numbers to reject Donald Trump and Mike Pence,” said HRC Deputy Campaign Director Jonathan Shields. “The Human Rights Campaign’s Equality Votes PAC is investing in its largest effort ever nationwide -- across 12 states inclusive of 25 competitive congressional districts and 96 state legislative districts -- to educate and empower Equality Voters. Our votes will be counted in contests up and down the ballot and when the results are in, pro-equality champions like Gary Peters will make history passing the Equality Act in the next Congress.”

The ads target over 55,000 Michigan “Equality Voters” in these districts where their turnout is critical to the outcome of the Presidential and Senate contests statewide. Partnering with the data and analytics firm Catalist to create an “Equality Voter Model,” the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) built on decades of voter and polling data to assess the degree to which a person is likely to support pro-LGBTQ policies -- from marriage equality and adoption by LGBTQ parents, to laws that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Supporters in Michigan can go to to verify their voter registration, find out about early in-person or mail voting options and receive election reminders. For more information on how to get involved, sign up to volunteer, or join an advocacy training, visit HRC’s Equality Voter Action Center.

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