Human Rights Campaign Congratulates New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on Re-Election Victory

by Henry Berg-Brousseau

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) congratulates New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on his successful re-election bid.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) congratulates New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on his successful re-election bid. Governor Murphy, first elected to the Governor’s mansion in 2017, has a long and distinguished record of advancing protections for LGBTQ+ New Jerseyans.

“Governor Phil Murphy is a national leader in advancing rights and protections for LGBTQ+ people and prioritizing equality to ensure LGBTQ+ New Jerseyans can thrive,” said Human Rights Campaign Senior Vice President of Policy & Political Affairs, JoDee Winterhof. “New Jersey voters had a choice between a proven pro-equality leader or his anti-equality opponent -- they chose progress and upholding the dignity of all who call New Jersey home. Governor Murphy’s victory demonstrates that equality and inclusion are a winning message both in New Jersey and across the country. The Human Rights Campaign is proud to support Governor Murphy and we believe he will continue to lead New Jersey toward fulfilling the promise of full equality for all.”

During his first term as governor, Murphy has been a national leader on LGBTQ+ issues. In 2018, Murphy signed the Babs Siperstein Law to allow New Jersey residents to amend birth certificates to reflect their gender identity and signed legislation mandating an individual’s accurate gender identity be reflected on their death certificate. In 2019, amidst an epidemic of violence against transgender people across the country, Murphy created the Transgender Equality Task Force to disrupt discrimination and harassment of transgender New Jerseyans. Earlier this year, Murphy signed legislation establishing the “LGBTQI+ Senior Bill of Rights,” and banned the “gay and trans panic” legal defense. His administration also made history by appointing the first three openly LGBTQ+ cabinet members in the state’s history.

In contrast, New Jersey gubernatorial challenger Jack Ciattarelli voted against marriage equality as a state legislator and to deny transgender people the opportunity to change the gender marker on their birth certificate. Ciattarelli had also promised to “roll back” New Jersey’s LGBTQ+-inclusive curriculum.

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