Human Rights Campaign Announces Additional Virginia Legislative Endorsements

by Wyatt Ronan

RICHMOND, VA — Today, the Human Rights Campaign PAC announced its endorsement of Virginia Speaker of House Eileen Filler-Corn and fourteen pro-equality Virginia legislators for the November 2nd general election. The Human Rights Campaign’s early support for these candidates makes clear our commitment to mobilize Virginia’s 1.2 million Equality Voters and elect leaders who will stand with LGBTQ Virginians.

Under Speaker Filler-Corn’s leadership, Virginia has emerged as a leader in the fight for LGBTQ equality in the South. The Virginia House of Delegates’ pro-equality majority has taken on big challenges and won, delivering key advances for LGBTQ people living in Virginia. In 2019, Virginia voters fired anti-equality legislators who were blocking pro-equality legislation supported by a broad majority of Virginians. We won that fight, sending pro-equality champions to Richmond who delivered by modernizing Virginia’s HIV criminalization laws, creating transgender-inclusive school policies, banning the practice of so-called conversion therapy, prohibiting the use of LGBTQ panic defense, and more. The Human Rights Campaign is proud to support those who have led the movement in the Virginia House of Delegates toward a more fair and just Virginia for all.

Alphonso David, Human Rights Campaign President

Over the past 16 months our Democratic Majority in the House of Delegates has delivered on pro-equality legislation to make our Commonwealth a fairer and more welcoming place for all Virginians. From passing the landmark Virginia Values Act to reversing past laws used for discrimination, Virginia has made remarkable strides. Now, as we head toward the November elections, this pro-equality record will be on the ballot, I am so proud to have the support of the Human Rights Campaign as we work to protect our majority and build on the incredible progress we’ve made.

Eileen Filler-Corn, Virginia Speaker

Under House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn’s leadership, Virginia became the first state in the South to adopt comprehensive non-discrimination protections for the LGBTQ community. The Virginia Values Act, introduced in the House of Delegates by Delegate Mark Sickles and chief co-patroned by Delegate Delores McQuinn, extends existing state non-discrimination protections in public employment, housing and credit to Virginians on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and several other characteristics. The Virginia Values Act also adds all-new statewide protections from discrimination in employment and places of public accommodations to a large range of protected characteristics. During the past two legislative cycles, Delegate Danica Roem has championed pro-equality legislation including prohibiting a health insurance carrier from denying or limiting coverage to a transgender individual, prohibiting so-called LGBTQ panic defense, and allowing cities and counties to pass their own non-discrimination ordinances. In the 2019 election, voters in the Commonwealth elected pro-equality majorities to both houses of the General Assembly, making these victories possible.

In August 2019, the Human Rights Campaign PAC endorsed 27 pro-equality legislative candidates which marked the beginning of HRC’s largest ever field, digital and direct mail program in the Commonwealth of Virginia. So far in 2021, the Human Rights Campaign PAC has endorsed 18 candidates, including three early endorsements ahead of the June 8th primary, including Delegates Candi Mundon King (HD-2), Elizabeth Guzman (HD-31), and Dawn Adams (HD-68).

From Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads, the Human Rights Campaign PAC deployed field organizers to mobilize 1.2 million Equality Voters across the Commonwealth who prioritize LGBTQ-inclusive policies including marriage equality, equitable family law, and laws that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. In Virginia’s 2019 state legislative elections, we targeted and turned out these voters in the 27 districts where the Human Rights Campaign PAC made an endorsement. We will be mobilizing these voters where the Human Rights Campaign has made early endorsements.

*NEW* HRC Endorsed Candidates

Virginia House of Delegates:

  • House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn (HD-41)
  • Wendy Gooditis (HD-10)
  • Chris Hurst (HD-12)
  • Danica Roem (HD-13)
  • Kelly Convirs-Fowler (HD-21)
  • Joshua Cole (HD-28)
  • Dan Helmer (HD-40)
  • Mark Sickles (HD-43)
  • Delores McQuinn (HD-70)
  • Rodney Willett (HD-73)
  • Roslyn Tyler (HD-75)
  • Nancy Guy (HD-83)
  • Alex Askew (HD-85)
  • Martha Mugler (HD-91)
  • Shelly Simonds (HD-94)

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