HRC to Reeling Governor Pence: Don’t Pay for PR Advice, We’ll Give It to You for Free

by HRC Staff

The fastest reputation fix for a great state is for the governor to support and pledge to sign
the inclusive non-discrimination law its people deserve

WASHINGTON— Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) reacted to news that the state of Indiana’s Economic Development Corporation has retained a public relations firm to help repair the damage caused by the recent passage of anti-LGBT legislation that led to a national outcry. The news emerged the same day that new polling commissioned by HRC revealed that 75 percent of Hoosiers believe the legislation damaged the state’s economy—and that Governor Mike Pence’s approval rating has dropped by nearly 20 points since February.

“’Hoosier hospitality’ is on life support, and Governor Mike Pence has only himself to blame, but now he’s passing the bill on to Indiana’s taxpayers by forcing them to pay for high-dollar public relations advice to fix the damage,” said HRC’s Vice President for Communications Fred Sainz. “But I’ve got good news for the governor—this twenty-year PR flack is happy to pass along some tips for free. Pledge to support and sign non-discrimination legislation early next legislative session that protects all Hoosiers—it’s quick, cheap, easy, and a sure-fire way to end up on the right side of history.”

Countless Hoosiers called on Governor Pence to take precisely this action—including a front-page editorial in the Indianapolis Star, a coalition of dozens of Indiana-based and national corporations, and the Freedom Indiana coalition. With all this good advice being offered to Governor Pence pro bono, Hoosiers could be forgiven for wondering why he isn’t listening. Indiana’s current legislative session ends tomorrow.

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