HRC Launches Public Education Campaign – “We Show Up: Equality Wins” – To Inform And Mobilize Record-High 75 Million Equality Voters Nationwide Ahead Of Critical November Elections

by HRC Staff

HRC announces a $15 million strategic investment to reach voters in six key battleground states through field program, events, and advertising buys

2024 election cycle marks significant growth over previous years in total number of identified Equality Voters – now 75 million strong nationwide and counting

New polling underscores HRC’s key role in motivating and mobilizing voters to show up at the polls and deliver major electoral wins

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group, is launching its 2024 public education and engagement campaign “We Show Up: Equality Wins'' to reach a record-high 75 million identified Equality Voters nationwide. This campaign will not only work to defeat escalating anti-trans attacks, but to deliver major victories this November – including re-electing President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris and electing historic LGBTQ+ and pro-equality candidates down-the-ballot. HRC is a trusted messenger for these voters — in a recent poll HRC has a near 70% favorability rating, more than any candidate or political party— demonstrating the importance of HRC’s voice to help drive Equality Voters to the polls to vote for pro-equality candidates.

Entitled“We Show Up: Equality Wins,” the campaign is a resounding rejection of intimidation and fear designed to silence and erase the LGBTQ+ community and will again show America the community’s collective strength and power to stand up, fight back, and secure the future it deserves without exception, as it’s been doing successfully for decades at the ballot box, state houses, school boards and more.

Make no mistake – LGTBQ+ voters and our allies are going to make the difference in the 2024 elections. With everything at stake, we have no other choice. Trump and his MAGA allies are promising a hate-filled agenda that hurts everyone who doesn’t look and live like them. They think they can bully and scare us and take away our fundamental freedoms. But the LGBTQ+ community has won these hard fights before – and we refuse to go back. In 2020, LGBTQ+ people, young people, women, and people of color came together across lines of difference to drive Trump from office. This November, HRC is going to make sure we do it again. Because when we show up, equality wins."

Kelley Robinson, President of the Human Rights Campaign

HRC is announcing a $15 million strategic investment to reach voters through hired staff, field efforts, events, paid advertising, mobilization, and grassroots engagement in key battleground states, including: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Nevada. HRC has had year-round, on-the-ground staff in these states since 2017, and will bring on dozens of additional staffers in these states to organize for November.

HRC will also have a strong ground game in California, Texas, New York, and Delaware to support historic LGBTQ+ congressional candidates whose elections are poised to help make the difference in putting a pro-equality majority back in the U.S. House of Representatives.

This election cycle marks continued growth for the geographically diverse, multiracial, and multigenerational coalition of identified Equality Voters nationwide – now 75 million strong and growing, which is up dramatically from 62 million in 2022 and 52 million in 2016. Equality Voters are united by the advancement of LGBTQ+ equality, and are younger, more racially diverse, and more female than the general electorate. Read more about the 75 million Equality Voters here.

Today’s announcement comes amid a 2024 Equality Voter Survey conducted by GQR that found:

  • A majority of Equality Voters (80%) are highly motivated to vote, with some work to do among younger people, less educated people, and people of color.

  • Equality Voters’ motivation is driven more by issues and causes than partisan politics; more by their search for candidates who share their values than those who share their party affiliation.

  • Twenty-two percent of Equality Voters would vote for a third-party candidate, if the election were held today. But the survey also found third-party Equality Voters are not at risk of voting for Donald Trump; half of third-party voters will support President Biden if they come to understand their vote helps elect Donald Trump, underscoring the importance of reaching Equality Voters with this message through HRC’s robust political program.

The “We Show Up: Equality Wins'' campaign will inform, mobilize, and activate these voters by aggressively communicating over the next several months the stark reality of what’s at stake in our country and in November for the LGBTQ+ community and the progress that hangs in the balance. The sharp rise in anti-LGBTQ+ measures has spawned a dizzying patchwork of discriminatory state laws that created increasingly hostile and dangerous environments for LGBTQ+ people. While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have overseen the most pro-equality administration in the nation’s history, Donald Trump and MAGA politicians in state legislatures across the country are determined to turn back the clock. Trump has promised to not just undo all the progress made by the Biden-Harris administration, but to erase LGTBQ+ people from federal law, further dismantle access to health care for transgender people, and dictate curriculum for school children.

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