FACT CHECK: In MI Governor Debate, Governor Whitmer Defends Our Rights while Dixon Spreads Anti-LGBTQ+ Propaganda, Backpedals on Abortion, and is Called Out for Election Conspiracies

by HRC Staff

Anti-LGBTQ+ Propaganda

Tudor Dixon’s claim: Dixon claimed Governor Whitmer “hasn’t stood for parents,” is “putting little boys in your daughters’ locker room,” and that parents are asking “why do we have adults whispering sex and gender into the ears of our little kids?”

Fact Check: This is false and another example of Tudor Dixon spreading anti-LGBTQ+ lies that further stigmatize and endanger LGBTQ+ kids and kids with LGBTQ+ families. At a press conference last month, Dixon was unable to identify one instance of the “radical sex and gender theory” she claims is being taught in schools. Rhetoric like Dixon’s has deadly, real-world consequences, as nearly 1 in 5 of any type of hate crime is now motivated by anti-LGBTQ+ bias.

In contrast, Governor Whitmer created the Michigan Parents’ Council because she knows that all parents want to shape their children’s education. The Council will formally bring parents into the education budget process for the first time in Michigan history, represents parents from across Michigan, and will convene a series of regional parent roundtables to gather input.

Governor Whitmer has a consistent track record of pushing for pro-equality policies and protections for LGBTQ+ Michiganders.


Whitmer’s claim: Whitmer reaffirms that she is “fighting to protect our right to choose,” and that “the only reason that (the 1931 abortion) law is not in effect right now is because of my lawsuit stopping it”

Fact Check: This is true. Whitmer has taken consistent action to protect abortion rights including refusing to extradite those that come to Michigan for abortions, filing a lawsuit to the Michigan Supreme Court in protection of abortion rights, and supporting national legislation.

According to Bridge Michigan, “Whitmer’s lawsuit isn’t the only legal challenge pending in state courts challenging Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban — but a recent order barring county prosecutors from enforcing the 1931 law stems from Whitmer’s challenge.”

Tudor Dixon’s claim: “I've never said that I wanted to criminalize people. I've never said I wanted this to be a felony. She is just completely making that up. My position on abortion is clear. I am pro life with exceptions for life of the mother.”

Fact Check: This is false. Dixon publicly supported a suspended 1931 Michigan law that would make it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion, punishable by up to four years in prison. She called it a “good law” at a Republican debate this past spring.

Election Outcomes:

Tudor Dixon’s claim: “I will always respect the will of the voter.”

Fact Check: This is false. Governor Gretchen Whitmer rightly noted that “I think it’s really ironic when Mrs. Dixon stands here and says that she will accept the vote, the will of the people. This is a candidate who still denies the outcome of the 2020 election. This is a candidate who will not pledge to accept the outcome of the November 8th election.”

Dixon has previously claimed that Facebook rigged the 2020 elections. When asked during a debate earlier this year, “Yes or no, do you believe Donald Trump legitimately won the 2020 election in Michigan?” Dixon falsely replied, “Yes.”

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