Equally Speaking Daily Webcast

by HRC Staff

First up on HRC's daily webcast, opponents of marriage in Massachusettscontinue grasping at straws. In their all-out effort to block same-sex couples from the rights and benefits of marriage, the group VoteOnMarriage.org plans to file suit against the 109 state legislators who voted not to take up the marriage amendment in constitutional convention earlier this month.The group has already filed suit in state court seeking to circumvent the legislative process but this suit will be filed in federal court.

The Anglican Church of Tanzania has announced they are severing all ties with the American Episcopal Church over the Americans' stances on GLBT issues.Not only is the church distancing themselves from the pro-equality policies in the U.S., they are also refusing any financial assistance from Bishops, organizations or individuals who believe in GLBT inclusion.

Notorious anti-gay protester Fred Phelps has been ordered by a court to paymore than $3,000to a family of a soldier whose funeral he picketed.The money is for court fees associated with a lawsuit in which the family of the late Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder claimed Phelps committed defamation and violations of privacy.

A new study from the Travel Industry Association with Witeck-Combs communications lists the top ten gay friendly destinations in theU.S. for travelers. On the list from No. 1 to No. 10 are: San Francisco, Key West, New York City, Fire Island, Provincetown, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Palm Springs.

Finally, if you're still working on that holiday shopping, don't forget to check out HRC's Buyer's Guide. The handy reference lists companies by category so you can be sure you're only buying from pro-equality companies.Download the guide for free at www.hrc.org/buyersguide.

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