Equality Champion Mark Kelly Sworn In As The Newest United States Senator

by Wyatt Ronan

Today, Mark Kelly was sworn into the United States Senate after his victory last month. The Human Rights Campaign invested significantly in Arizona, including on behalf of Senator Kelly’s race for Senate, and his victory moves the Senate one step closer to a pro-equality majority.

Today, the voices of 1.7 million people in Arizona who voted for a pro-equality vision have seen their call answered as Mark Kelly is sworn in as the next Senator from Arizona. Senator Kelly’s leadership may finally give us the opportunity to pass the Equality Act in the Senate to ensure equal protections under the law for LGBTQ people across this country. Senator Kelly has been a steadfast advocate for LGBTQ rights throughout his time in public life and he is committed to fight for progress on key legislation to advance equality for 242,000 LGBTQ Arizonans and more than 11 million LGBTQ people nationwide for whom these issues are a matter of life and death. With two pro-equality Senators now serving Arizonans, today marks the start of a new era for the state, and the fight for progress and fundamental fairness.

Alphonso David, Human Rights Campaign President

HRC has prioritized investments and organizing in key battleground states, including Arizona, for three years. This year, HRC on the ground organizing staff recruited 5,800 individual volunteers who completed 28,500 hours of voter contact in more than 2,650 volunteer events. HRC engaged in robust virtual GOTV efforts, including sending over 2.7 million person-to-person text messages, a massive increase from 2018 when approximately 500,000 texts were sent. HRC sent over 2.5 million mail pieces, had over 930,000 phone conversations with voters, and engaged more than 200,000 voters through HRC’s voter dashboard at HRC.org/Vote.

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