Ending the Lies

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Below is an excerpt of an article about how HRC is taking on the ultra right that ran in the Spring 2009 issue of HRC's Equality magazine.The articletalks about EndtheLies.org, a newly launchedinteractive website that is an instrumental part of helping ushalt the liesthat are spread about our community.This issue of the magazine also includes features on hate crimes legislation and possible changes coming to the U.S.Supreme Court. Equality is the largest LGBT magazine in the country and offers special updates, features, photos, special Q &amp As, calls to action and more. It comes free with an HRC membership. Click here to become an HRC member.

HRC's New Interactve Website on the Ultra Right Makes It Easy for People to Act Now

The truth is: We still have to stand together and fight like heck against the ultra right. Our opponents are still here in a big way and more fired up than ever.

Just recently, the American Family Association ­ a big-bucks, anti-gay powerhouse ­ produced an hour-long television special, "Speechless: Silencing Christians," rife with falsehoods. In particular, it claimed that pastors would be prosecuted for preaching against homosexuality. The program was scheduled to air on a Michigan TV station in February. HRC quickly issued an Action Alert, asking supporters to urge the station, instead, to have an honest discussion about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. (Thousands contacted the station. It canceled the airing.)

Across the country, LGBT people and their allies who have fought hard and long for equality are securing some legal protections and social acceptance. Bigger victories seem within reach. Even the White House is full of friends. Unfortunately, all of these successes are firing up our foes.

"We need to remain vigilant," warns Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. "Many far-right hate groups and leaders are stepping it up ­and they're turning more and more to the use of deception and fear to paint the LGBT community as dangerous and immoral."

The lies go on and on,­ from the dangers of allowing gay and lesbian couples to raise children to forcing churches to hire homosexuals ­despite the numerous reputable scientific studies and legal experts refuting them. Our opponents are using lies at the state and federal level ­ in legislative testimony, from the pulpit, on billboards, everywhere.

HRC recently took a big step toward trying to halt these lies. This spring, HRC launched "End the Lies" - a groundbreaking interactive website with audio recordings, photos, videos and quotations from leaders and groups, or "Voices of Fear," who are using fear tactics and manipulating the truth about LGBT Americans.

EndtheLies.orgallows visitors to click on the panels of a colorful, interactive "wall" to access information, watch videos and add comments on multimedia discussion boards. In addition, visitors can click on links for taking action to refute the lies, while the discussion forum allows people to engage in respectful dialogue about the lies and to suggest new "Voices of Fear."

The goals of EndtheLies.org are two-fold. "We want to raise awareness about these public deceptions, and we want to motivate people to take action and engage in dialogue," Solmonese says. This new tool will be crucial to legislative fights that lie ahead, like passing the Matthew Shepard Act, he noted.

To see the full article, get theSpring '09 issue of "Equality" magazine now. Free with membership! Click here to become an HRC member.

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