Discriminatory Effort to Roll Back Basic Rights in Montgomery County

by Admin

This November, voters in Montgomery County, Maryland may be asked to decide whether all residents are entitled to equal treatment under the law. Last year, the Montgomery County Council unanimously passed a law to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression in employment, housing, public accommodations, and taxi and cable service. Opponents of equality gathered signatures in support of a petition aimed at repealing the new law, which was to have taken effect in February 2008 but was put on hold due to the petition effort.

There is a legal effort underway that presents reasons why the measure should not be on the ballot, and Maryland's high court will hold oral argument in this case on Monday, September 8 (there was an adverse ruling by a trial court). However, we have to be prepared for the likelihood that this discriminatory measure will indeed be on the ballot in November 2008, and Montgomery County voters will decide whether it's ok to fire someone from their job or deny them housing simply because of who they are.

HRC is supporting Basic Rights Montgomery http://www.basicrightsmontgomery.org/, a coalition formed to oppose the repeal.

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