Daniel Karslake on &#39For the Bible Tells Me So&#39

by HRC Staff

When I first set out to make For the Bible Tells Me So in May of 2003, I had no idea what an important role the Human Rights Campaign would play in that process. It became clear almost immediately, however, that HRC was going to be a pivotal player. Not only did board members like Tim Boggs and Bruce Bastian sign on very early with generous financial support, advice and counsel I also received early encouragement and cooperation from HRC staff and volunteers. This outpouring of support was crucial to the success of the film.

Then, when the HRC Foundation gave a generous grant to the project in the spring of 2005, it enabled us to ultimately leverage that significant gift to raise the remaining funds we needed to complete the film テ This was HUGE!

HRC's enthusiastic support didn't end once the film was made. Once the film opened in theaters last fall, HRC heavily promoted its theatrical run and organized an extensive series of discussion groups to accompany the film showing around the country. The success of these events was truly stunning and helped to generate excitement in harder-to-reach markets. They are currently creating an exciting resource to be used in conjunction with the DVD that will help spark conversations in congregations that most need the film's powerful message.

I continue to be extremely grateful for all that HRC and its army of supporters have done and continue to do to get For the Bible Tells Me So's message of unconditional love and acceptance out in the world!

Daniel Karslake

For the Bible Tells Me So

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