Campaign College 2006: Where They Went

by HRC Staff

In 2006, 23 participants came to Washington, D.C., for an intensive week of hands-on training on how to run a winning campaign. After mastering the basic skills, participants spent two and a half months in regular staff positions in these targeted political campaigns:

After spending a week in Washington, D.C., receiving intensive hands-on training on how to run a winning campaign, HRC Campaign College participants head out into the field to work on targeted campaigns. Read on to hear about some of our past participants' campaign experiences.

Tucson, Ariz.
Cause: Gabrielle Giffords for Congress
Author: Eric Hoff, 2006 Campaign College graduate

It's Nov. 7, 2006, and my job responsibilities for Giffords for Congress have grown. I've gone from field organizer to canvass director for Giffords. And for the last month I've served as canvass director for Congressional District 8 - Arizona Democratic Party.

And yet, at 5:45 p.m., we knew that Precinct 70 here in Tucson had low Democratic turnout. My youth outreach coordinator and I hopped in the car and cut through rush hour in Tucson to knock on 50 doors.

At 6:35 p.m., I knocked on Elma's door, and she sheepishly answered. Claiming old age and frustration with American politics, I was told that the Democrats wouldn't receive Elma's vote this year. She wasn't going to vote for anyone.

"You have to vote! You must vote! We need your vote today! Right now, Elma!" I exclaimed, surprised at my response to this feeble woman in her mid-eighties.
"Well, I don't have a ride," she responded.
"I'll run and get my car," I said.
"No no, young man. Judy will take me."
"Who's Judy?"

Thirty seconds later I'm at Judy's door, just one house over, begging her to hop in her car and take Elma to the polls. On her way out, keys in hand, she responds, "I'm glad you stopped by. I'd almost forgotten to vote as well."

That's why grassroots field organizing and canvassing-houses-in-the-dark rocks.

Place: Eastern Kansas
Cause: Nancy Boyda for Congress
Author: Blake Johnson, 2004 Campaign College graduate
I'm freshman Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's campaign coordinator/finance director here in Kansas' 2nd District. Now I'm permanently working to raise funds and get her operation going in a steady direction.
Rep. Boyda is kind of the poster child for the wave of grassroots victories in 2006 through more traditionally socially conservative regions. She serves on the Armed Services and Agriculture House committees and has already introduced one bill/co-signed a few others in the whirlwind start to this session under the new speaker.

Place: Iowa
Author: Tanner Williams, 2002 Campaign College graduate
From the first moment I landed in Iowa, I was already learning the database structure and targeting new campaign donors. I helped raise the last $250,000 needed to fund get-out-the-vote efforts.
The campaign overall was stressful and provided no sleep, and it was in fact the most educational and exciting experience of my lifetime. The knowledge gained has been very valuable for me and I use it every day in my current position as a union organizer. Thank you, HRC. You are not only making a difference for our country, but also for future professionals.

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