Anti-Trans Messaging Falls Flat Across 2019 Races

by HRC Staff

Anti-Trans Messaging Falls Flat Across 2019 Races

For months, anti-equality activists have utilized an outdated playbook attempting to paint LGBTQ equality as a wedge issue. But in reality, they have failed to realize the ground has shifted underneath them across the country. The results in Virginia and Kentucky prove that equality wins and that voters have no appetite for anti-equality extremism.

PLOY: American Principles Project developed digital ads in attempts to instill fear and demonize transgender children among the voting public.

New York Times: A Conservative Push to Make Trans Kids and School Sports the Next Battleground in the Culture War

RESULT: Pro-Equality Andy Beshear Ousts Anti-Equality Gov. Matt Bevin

PLOY: Prince William County GOP launched a transphobic attack on Danica Roem

The Advocate: Danica Roem Hit With Transphobic Ad as Virginia Election Looms

PLOY: Anti-Equality donors spent big to unseat historic Del. Danica Roem

Daily Beast: Danica Roem, Trans History Maker, Fights Another Anti-LGBT Candidate—and Their Donors—in Virginia

RESULT: Pro-Equality Del. Danica Roem Wins Reelection; Almost Doubles 2017 Margin

PLOY: Anti-Equality Paul Milde flooded homes with transphobic mailers that incorrectly used the word “transgendered”

RESULT: Pro-Equality Joshua Cole defeats Anti-Equality Paul Milde

PLOY: Majority Leader Tim Hugo accused children of lying about their gender identity to gain access to bathrooms and locker rooms. 

He said, “it’s not the potential, it happens--that somebody will say, ‘I now identify as a girl or I identify as a boy, I want to use the boys locker room but I'm biologically a girl and vice versa.’” [WMAL, 5/11/15]

RESULT: Pro-Equality Dan Helmer defeats Anti-Equality Majority Leader Tim Hugo

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