Anti-Equality Extremists Kelli Ward And Chadwick Moore To Speak At Trump Pride Event

by Wyatt Ronan

Today, the Trump Campaign announced an upcoming LGBTQ-focused “Trump Pride” event in Phoenix, Arizona. Among the featured speakers is Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, anti-LGBTQ extremist Kelli Ward and far-right provocateur Chadwick Moore.

Kelli Ward has consistently supported and voted in favor of legislation that would give businesses a license to discriminate against LGBTQ people. She even called for the impeachment of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch after Lynch filed a complaint alleging North Carolina was discriminating against transgender people, following that state legislature’s passage of the notorious HB2 in 2016.

Chadwick Moore denied that the Trump Administration banned transgender people from serving in the military (they did). Moore claims that the story of Stonewall is a lie, saying it was “transformed into yet another vehicle of social marxism. Moore said in February that “there is no such thing as a gay child,” and he is on the record attacking transgender people for their looks and calling Michelle Obama transgender.

“The mere presence of anti-equality extremists like Kelli Ward and Chadwick Moore at this Trump Pride event is proof that his campaign’s LGBTQ outreach is a sham,” said Arizona State Director Bridget Sharpe. “Their extremism and anti-equality actions are rivaled only by the dangerous and destructive policies the Trump-Pence administration has perpetrated against LGBTQ people over the last four years. Nobody who knows the history of these extremists can listen to a word they say and believe they are an allies in our fight for equality. The Trump-Pence record is nothing to be proud of — it has actively endangered LGBTQ lives while we still have so much to accomplish. Starting outreach in mid-October will not cut it, and LGBTQ and pro-equality voters will send Trump and Pence packing in November in favor of true allies and champions of equality in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

According to recent surveys conducted by the Human Rights Campaign and Hart Research, LGBTQ issues have robust support among likely voters in Arizona, anti-equality attacks launched by some Republicans are falling flat, and support for transgender people is strong.

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