Empowering the Next Generation

The Human Rights Campaign recognizes the importance and value of empowering the next generation of advocates and fighters to continue advancing equality for our community.

The future of LGBTQ+ equality depends largely on the next generation of advocates and fighters. Our organizational work is built with that in mind. We have and continue to work with young LGBTQ+ people and allies to ensure that they are prepared to advocate for themselves and for others, especially those most marginalized and impacted by hateful legislation.

At a time of rampant vile and discriminatory state legislation, particularly targeting trans and non-binary youth, we know that young LGBTQ+ people and allies need the resources and tools to advocate for themselves and to empower themselves.

We do this through programmatic work that is built in spaces where LGBTQ+ youth are found: in education, in digital spaces and through community engagement.

Throughout our work, we've:

Partnered with 30+ National organizations and associations representing over 7 million youth-serving-professionals committed to advancing LGBTQ+ equality for youth
Trained +150,000 Educators impacting over 8 million students nationwide

The most impactful way to empower the next generation is to remind them and educate them about their voting rights and power.

By mobilizing everyone, including young people, we get to have our voices heard and drive the kind of change we envision for the future.

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