Texans: Ask Governor Abbott to Veto HB 3859 and SB 2078

by Marty Rouse

On May 21, the Texas House and Senate both passed anti-LGBTQ items.

Last night, the Texas House and Senate both passed anti-LGBTQ items. The Texas House passed an anti-transgender bill, SB 2078, limited to schools, targeting transgender students directly. Only a few hours later, the Texas Senate passed HB 3859, a discriminatory bill that gives social service providers, including counselors and adoption and foster care agencies, the ability to refuse service based on a “sincerely held religious belief.”

Both bills are on their way to the Governor’s desk and could be signed this week. 

The Texas legislature showed its true colors last night. Despite the urging of major business groups, child welfare leaders, faith leaders, and their own constituents, elected representatives on both sides of the House passed discriminatory legislation.

But it’s not over yet. Contact Governor Abbott and ask him to veto HB 3859 and SB 2078. Both pieces of legislation are abhorrent, targeting transgender youth and youth in foster care.

All eyes are on Texas right now, and we saw who our real champions were last night. The House and Senate Democrats put up valiant fights against these bills. On the House side, Reps. Thompson, Moody, Anchia, Israel, and Farrar led the fight against this bill and delivered powerful testimony pointing out discrimination on the House floor. In the Senate, Sens. Garcia, Menendez, Rodriguez, and Uresti led the charge as they introduced amendment after amendment that could have changed the discriminatory nature of HB 3859 but were refused.

We need you. Send a message to the Governor asking him to veto HB 3859 and SB 2078.  Remember, this isn’t the end - there are still 7 days left in the legislative session. We must stay vigilant every single day until the end of session on May 29th.