Take HRC’s First-Ever Research Survey on Your LGBTQ Sports Experience

by HRC Staff

Take the survey now for a chance to win one of many gift cards.

Post submitted by Liam Miranda, former Senior Research Manager, Public Education & Research

Did you play on an athletic team that fully embraced your LGBTQ identity? Did you dread attending gym class in grade school? Does your neighborhood fitness center have transgender-inclusive policies and facilities?

We want to hear about your experience in athletic spaces -- the positive, the negative and the impact they had on you. Take the survey now for a chance to win one of many gift cards.

Sports provide an opportunity for communities to come together, celebrate competitive success and embrace the power of teamwork and cooperation. Every year, countless people are introduced to the world of athletics through recreational sports and physical education classes. We know that participation in sports at any level can reduce stress, increase physical health and foster meaningful relationships -- but these benefits aren’t always accessible to LGBTQ people.

HRC wants to better understand YOUR athletic experiences. Whether you were a member of a club soccer team, on your college’s ultimate frisbee team, a loyal gym member, a marathon runner, a Fitbit loyalist, a player on a local basketball team or someone who wanted to take part in these activities, we invite you to be a part of our next research project. Take this short survey to help us determine what the state of athletic activity looks like for the LGBTQ community and help us advocate for more LGBTQ-inclusive athletic spaces.