Religious Leaders Express Outrage Over Possible License to Discriminate Executive Order

by HRC Staff

More than 400 religious leaders expressed outrage after media reports about a leaked License to Discriminate Executive Order from Donald Trump’s White House.

Post submitted by Hayley Miller, former HRC Associate Director of Digital and Social

Yesterday, more than 400 religious leaders expressed outrage after media reports about a leaked License to Discriminate Executive Order from Donald Trump’s White House.

“Over two years ago, faith leaders across the nation wrote to President Obama, urging him not to include a religion exemption in an Executive Order ending discrimination against LGBT people in hiring by federal contractors,” they wrote. “As faith and civic leaders who affirm the sacred dignity and equal worth of every person, we are now writing to you. We urge you not to undermine these important protections against discrimination by adding a religious exemption to the Executive Order.”

The leaked order -- which would allow an unprecedented expansion of taxpayer-funded discrimination that could have broad implications on LGBTQ people -- would be a direct contradiction of claims made earlier in the week order that Donald Trump would be an ally to the LGBTQ community.

The letter was released this morning in conjunction with the 65th Annual National Prayer Breakfast.

Earlier this week, religious leaders also sent a letter against President Trump’s harsh new immigration and refugee policies that could mean the difference between life and death for countless people– including LGBTQ refugees fleeing violence and persecution from places such as Syria.

“Our faith calls us to speak definitively and with clarity against the unjust, inhumane, and discriminatory immigration policies embodied in President Trump’s executive order,” they wrote. “These policies bringing the United States refugee processing system to a halt, ban citizens from seven Muslim majority countries, and are being used as a tool to promote intolerance against the Muslim community.  As members of the clergy, religious leaders, theologians of various faith traditions and people of faith from many religions, we stand united in vehement opposition to these policies.”

Several members of HRC’s Religion Council signed both of these letters,  advocating against discriminatory policies that harm LGBTQ people at home and around the globe.