Pro-Equality Candidates on Your Arizona Ballot

by HRC Staff

If you haven’t already voted, here’s a checklist before heading out to the polls.

The most important election of our lifetime is Tuesday, November 6th!
Election day is our last chance to pull the emergency brake on the Trump-Pence agenda in the general election. Across Arizona and the United States, a record number of voters are turning out to vote for pro-equality candidates.
If you haven’t already voted, here’s a checklist before heading out to the polls:

Locate your polling location 
Make a plan! Polls will open at 6:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM. As long as you are in line to vote by the time polls close, you will be permitted to vote! Find your polling place. Bring an ID
You ARE required to show ID before voting in Arizona. Find out which forms of ID will be accepted before you head to the polls! For more information on how this might impact trans voters, please refer to the #VotingWhileTrans guide. Spread the word!
Call or text 5 friends and remind them that every vote counts, and, after you vote, change your Facebook profile picture to encourage others to get to the polls!

We urge you to vote for these pro-equality candidates:

U.S. Senate
Kyrsten Sinema (D) 

Arizona Attorney General
January Contreras (D)

Arizona Secretary of State
Katie Hobbs (D)

U.S. House of Representatives
Tom O’Halleran (D, AZ-1)
Ann Kirkpatrick (D, AZ-2)
Raul Grijalva (D, AZ-3)
Ruben Gallego (D, AZ-7)
Greg Stanton (D, AZ-9)

Arizona State Senate
Jo Craycraft (D, Senate District 1)
Andrea Dalessandro (D, Senate District 2)
Sally Ann Gonzales (D, Senate District 3)
Lisa Otondo (D, Senate District 4)
Wade Carlisle (D, Senate District 6)
Jamescita Peshlakai (D, Senate District 7)
Victoria Steele (D, Senate District 9)
Steve Weichert (D, Senate District 17)
Sean Bowie (D, Senate District 18)
Lupe Contreras (D, Senate District 19)
Douglas Ervin (D, Senate District 20)
Daria Lohman (D, Senate District 23)
Lela Alston (D, Senate District 24)
Juan Mendez (D, Senate District 26)
Rebecca Rios (D, Senate District 27)
Martin Quezada (D, Senate District 29)
Tony Navarrete (D, Senate District 30)

Arizona State House
Rosanna Gabaldon & Daniel Hernandez (D, House District 2)
Andres Cano & Alma Hernandez (D, House District 3)
Charlene Fernandez & Geraldine Peten (D, House District 4)
Randall Friese & Pamela Powers Hannley (D, House District 9)
Kirsten Engel (D, House District 10)
Hollace Lyon (D, House District 11)
Mitzi Epstein (D, House District 18)
Jennifer Jermaine (D, House District 18)
Diego Espinoza & Lorenzo Sierra (D, House District 19)
Hazel Chandler & Chris Gilfillan (D, House District 20)
Gilbert Romero (D, House District 21)
Jennifer Longdon & Amish Shah (D, House District 24)
Athena Salman & Isela Blanc (D, House District 26)
Reginald Bolding (D, House District 27)
Kelli Butler (D, House District 28)
Aaron Lieberman (D, House District 28)
Cesar Chavez & Richard Andrade (D, House District 29)
Robert Meza & Raquel Teran (D, House District 30)  

To learn more about why HRC is supporting these candidates, please visit
See you at the polls!