New Human Rights Campaign Ad: Eddie Lucio is Bad for Texas, Vote for Sara Stapleton Barrera

by HRC Staff

Post submitted by Viet Tran (he/him/they/them), former HRC Press Secretary

As a member of the Texas State Senate, Eddie Lucio has only used his platform to dehumanize and attack the LGBTQ community, particularly transgender people.

Today, the Human Rights Campaign (eleased new English and Spanish language ads criticizing anti-equality lawmaker and candidate for re-election state Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. for his conservative and anti-LGBTQ voting record and encouraging Texans to vote for Sara Stapleton Barrera.

Lucio Jr. is running in the primary, to be held on July 14 to represent Texas State Senate District 27. HRC has endorsed Sara Stapleton Barrera in this race. The digital ad buy launched Wednesday is targeting over 15,000  Equality Voters and HRC members and supporters in the district. The video will reach voters on Facebook and other video platforms in the home stretch of the primary, with links to resources for voting safely.

WATCH THE VIDEO IN ENGLISH: Eddie Lucio Is Bad for Texas, Vote Sara Stapleton Barrera

WATCH THE VIDEO IN SPANISH: Vote por Sara Stapleton Barrera el martes 14 de julio.

“As a member of the Texas State Senate, Eddie Lucio has only used his platform to dehumanize and attack the LGBTQ community, particularly transgender people,” said HRC Deputy Campaign Director Jonathan Shields. “It’s time to elect Sara Stapleton Barrera to Senate District 27, a true champion to the LGBTQ community who will ensure that more than 850,000 LGBTQ Texans have the protections they deserve – protections that 70% of Texans support. HRC is fully committed to ensuring that hate has no place in Texas and encourages all voters in TXSD-27 to support Sara Stapleton Barrera. Texas deserves better than Eddie Lucio.” 

Texas state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. is referred to as “Dan Patrick’s favorite Democrat” often for standing by his anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice crusades. Years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality, Lucio still refers to it as “the end of the family.” During the fight around the so-called “bathroom bill,” Lucio played a key role in attacking activists, particularly transgender activists, who testified against the discriminatory bill.


State Senator Eddie Lucio is a Democrat in name only--voting against his constituents for decades. Lucio says extremist Dan Patrick has done a wonderful job as Lt. Governor.

In return? 

Patrick appoints Lucio chairman of a key Senate committee. Lucio votes with Republicans all the time including his long record of anti-LGBTQ, anti-Reproductive Rights, and anti-union votes.

Let’s vote for a real Democrat to represent us. Vote for Sara Stapleton Barrera for State Senate by July 14th. 


El Senador Estatal Eddie Lucio, es un demócrata de nombre solamente, ha votado en contra de sus constituyentes por décadas.

Lucio dice que el extremista Dan Patrick ha hecho un trabajo maravilloso como Vicegobernador.

Se sabe que Lucio vota con los republicanos extremos todo el tiempo, incluyendo su largo historial contra la comunidad LGBTQ, contra la salud reproductiva, y contra los sindicatos. Lucio es el hombre equivocado para Texas.

Vote por Sara Stapleton Barrera para Senadora estatal el martes 14 de julio.

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