It’s National Coming Out Day — Are You Ready to #TurnOUT for Equality?

by HRC Staff

With an important election coming up, each of us has a vital role to play.

Post submitted by Ann Crowley, Vice President of Membership

It’s National Coming Out Day — and although I came out over two decades ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday.

The sweaty palms, my heart racing, the trepidation about what would come next. Being at college made it easier because I met others in the LGBTQ community. But it wasn’t until later that I told my family because of the intense fear of rejection I felt.

One of the most important things we can do on the 30th National Coming Out Day is to be there for those who have not come out yet — and in a critical election year, make sure we turnOUT to vote for equality.

Pledge to come out and VOTE this election by dropping a pin on our National Coming Out Day map — your pin will tell someone that they’re not alone, that you have their back, especially when our basic rights are at risk.

For the last two decades that I’ve been at HRC, I have met so many people who have struggled after coming out … family rejection, depression, loneliness and homelessness. But I’ve also heard from those same people about how the HRC community — people like you — have made those difficult times easier.

Coming out remains one of the most courageous things an LGBTQ person can do, and on this day we honor the bravery of everyone who has been able to come out and live openly and honestly.

Please join me today — pledge to come out (if you feel safe) AND turnOUT on Election Day so we can accelerate our progress and push equality forward. It’s an easy and meaningful way to make a difference, especially after a difficult few weeks.

With an important election coming up, each of us has a vital role to play. LGBTQ people and our millions of allies are a voting block of over 52 million … and the more people who come out, the bigger that number grows.

Let’s all turnOUT so this election goes our way — so the next generation finds it that much easier to be their authentic self … so we have elected officials who will raise their voice in support of LGBTQ people — not try to push us back in the closet!

When we live our authentic selves, and support one another, we change hearts and minds … and make real, powerful change in our society.

P.S. Ready to get involved right away? Join us at one of our National Weekend of Action events beginning Friday!

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