Iowa Passed Law Removing HIV Education From Required School Curriculum

by Curtis Clinch

This summer Iowa has passed a law removing HIV education as a required part of students’ curriculum. With 1 in 5 new diagnoses being people ages 13-24, this dangerous law could potentially leave students -- uninformed and unprepared in preventing, testing and treating HIV.

As communities across the country are calling for more education and resources to stop the HIV epidemic, Iowa is rolling back the progress and the ability to end the HIV epidemic by 2030. Data has proven that comprehensive sex education creates better outcomes and prepares young people for the road ahead. It will be critical for students, health teachers, providers and policy makers to be informed on the current science of HIV, PrEP, U=U if we are to finally have a generation free of HIV and stigma. Gov. Kim Reynolds has officially signed this bill into law.

It will be more important than ever that we lean in to support communities in Iowa and across the country in understanding HIV education and sexual health.

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