HRC Statement on Today’s Vote for Chief Justice to Connecticut Supreme Court

by HRC Staff

If confirmed, Justice Andrew McDonald will be the first openly LGBTQ Chief Justice of a state Supreme Court in the United States.

Post submitted by Ianthe Metzger, Former Press Secretary, State & Local 

HRC released the following statement in response to partisan attempts to block the confirmation of Justice Andrew McDonald for Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

“Connecticut is on the verge of making history with the potential confirmation of Andrew McDonald as Chief Justice, who would be the first openly LGBTQ chief justice of a state Supreme Court,” said HRC National Field Director Marty Rouse. “Connecticut’s leading legal voices all agree that McDonald is highly qualified and should be judged on his qualifications, acumen, experience and character. At a time when partisan politics continues to stand in the way of real progress in our country, we urge the Connecticut legislature not to politicize the judicial confirmation process and make a fair choice in the Connecticut House today.”

Currently an associate justice, Andrew McDonald has served on the Connecticut Supreme Court since 2011 and was nominated to be the next Chief Justice by Governor Dannel Malloy in January. Despite his exemplary record, which has been widely praised by the Dean of the UConn Law School, both the current and incoming President of the Connecticut Bar Association, the President of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association and more, there continues to be partisan opposition to his nomination. Following a 13 hour-long hearing and a tie vote along party lines last month, McDonald’s nomination was sent to the Connecticut General Assembly. The State Senate is expected to vote later this week, if the nomination is approved by the General Assembly today. If confirmed, he would make history as the first openly LGBTQ Chief Justice on a U.S. state Supreme Court.