HRC Celebrates Bi+ Visibility Day 2021

by Meghan Olson

Today marks Bi+ Visibility Day 2021. Every year, this day is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty, strength and joy of the bi+ community.

This is an annual tradition to recognize members of the bi+ community, which can include bisexual, pansexual, queer and fluid people, and provides an opportunity to lift up our stories and accomplishments.

A bisexual+ person is someone who can be attracted to more than one gender, and studies such as the General Social Survey show that as much as half of the lesbian, gay and bisexual population identify as bisexual. In other words, bisexual+ — or bi+ — people comprise the largest single group in the LGBTQ+ community. HRC is working with other advocates to increase bi+ visibility and address the unique needs of the bisexual+ community.

Coming out is different for every person. For bi+ people, coming out can present some unique challenges. As bi+ people, we face skepticism and stereotypes about our sexuality, we are ignored and excluded from LGBTQ+ spaces, and we are often invisible to each other - challenges that can make coming out a complicated process. Coming out can also be wonderful. It can relieve the stress of having to hide part of yourself, and it gives you the ability to bring your whole self to your life and your relationships. It can also give you the chance to be a role model to others and help you connect with the bi+ community and others who support and celebrate your identity.

While bi+ awareness continues to grow, it is vital that we all remain aware of the issues our community is facing. Compared with other groups in the LGBTQ+ community, bi+ people face striking rates of poor health outcomes, ranging from cancer and obesity to sexually transmitted infections and mental health issues. Coming out as bi+ to your doctor can be overwhelming, but a great opportunity to discuss topics physical and mental questions you might have. Additionally, bisexual+ youth face a unique set of challenges that affect their ability to flourish in their families, schools, and communities.

Resources for the bi+ community

During a year unlike any other, finding joy as a bi+ person can be a revolutionary and healing act. With this in mind, members of HRC’s Bi+ Employee Resource Group compiled a list of recommendations for a few books, movies, artists, etc. that feature bi+ joy to celebrate our community.



TV Shows

Music artists


Check out for more information about issues unique to the bisexual, queer, pansexual and fluid community.


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