Four Reasons Election Day was Historic for Transgender Rights

by HRC Staff

Last week’s election saw historic levels of support for transgender people across the country.

Post submitted by Charlie Girard, Former Digital Organizer 

Last week’s election saw historic levels of support for transgender people across the country. 

In honor of Trans Awareness Week, here are the top four reasons Election Day 2018 was a win for the transgender community.

1. Historic Victories for Transgender Candidates

Two states elected three transgender candidates to their state legislatures for the first time:

Brianna Titone (CO)
Gerri Cannon (NH)
Lisa Bunker (NH)

Congrats to these pioneers who join Virginia’s Danica Roem as the only openly transgender members of any state legislature. 

At least one openly transgender person on the local level also saw an electoral victory. Monika Nemeth gained a seat on her local Washington, DC Advisory Neighborhood Commission. Congratulations, Monika!

2. Transphobic Legislator Defeated

Last year, Texas state Rep. Ron Simmons showed his true anti-LGBTQ colors.

Last week, Texas rejected his vitriolic, hateful politics.

In 2017, Simmons targeted some of the most marginalized Texans by sponsoring legislation to prevent transgender people from using appropriate bathrooms in some public spaces. Thanks to local advocates and pro-equality legislators, Simmons and his cronies were unable to pass this dangerous legislation.

Texans on Tuesday again rejected Simmons’s divisive politics, dealing him a loss in his bid for a fourth term.

Thanks, Texas Equality Voters!

3. Massachusetts Voted #YesOn3

Equality Voters in Massachusetts upheld transgender protections on Election Day. By respecting the dignity of transgender residents and visitors, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly made their values clear: The Bay State supports the transgender community.

4. Historic Candidacy in Vermont

Christine Hallquist’s historic bid for governor of Vermont was inspiring. Her campaign focused on important issues including civil rights and expanding health care, and HRC was honored to endorse her and support her campaign.

While Hallquist did not become the first transgender person elected as governor, she blazed the trail for transgender people in the future.


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