Family Volunteers to Fight Anti-LGBTQ Legislation in Texas

by HRC Staff

The Rio Grande Valley is helping to fight anti-LGBTQ legislation in Texas.

Post submitted by HRC Texas Field Organizer Erika Galindo

This year, I had a chance to work in my hometown, the Rio Grande Valley, to fight anti-LGBTQ legislation in Texas. During my time there, I was fortunate to work with the Hernandez-Zarate family.

I had met Chriselda Hernandez and Nancy Zarate before and was excited when they eagerly stepped forward to volunteer with HRC. After they came to a phone bank in the beginning of June, they soon became two of my most reliable volunteers. They collected postcards from everyone in their networks and even brought their children to phone banks.

While I was deployed to other districts, they would host their own dinner parties and phone banks. They worked to ensure that all Texans retain their rights and get the chance to prosper in a positive environment. When I watch them include their children in this process, my hope for the future of an inclusive Texas grows too. I am proud to call them stellar volunteers and a member of the HRC family.  

HRC has more than a dozen staff on the ground in Austin, and, working with scores of volunteer organizers, has been leading field organizing efforts around the state to defeat anti-LGBTQ bills. Text "TX House" to 30644 today and tell your Texas State Representative to oppose all anti-LGBTQ bills amendments during the last days of the special session.