End the FDA’s Discriminatory Blood Ban

by HRC Staff

Blood donation policies should be based on science, not stigma — and that’s why we need your help overturning discriminatory policies.

For decades, gay, bisexual, same-gender loving and other men who have sex with men have been stigmatized by the FDA’s long-standing guidelines for blood donation. The policy conflates sexual orientation with HIV risk and for years has prevented tens of thousands of people from donating blood, even during times of crisis and national blood shortages. The FDA has finally announced an update to its blood donation guidelines that would expand who can donate, but it doesn’t go far enough. We need to ensure no one is discriminated against based on who they are and policies are based solely on science.

That’s where you come in. Right now, the FDA is asking for public comments on the blood ban policy until March 31. We’ve got you covered on what to say, all you have to do is add your voice and make sure this discriminatory policy is modernized.

Take action TODAY by submitting public comments and encouraging others to do the same.

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