#AM_Equality Tipsheet: March 8, 2018

by Allison Turner

NH House passes bill to add gender identity to nondiscrim law; HUD removes language about fighting discrimination from mission statement

NEW HAMPSHIRE HOUSE PASSES BIPARTISAN BILL TO PROTECT TRANS PEOPLE FROM DISCRIMINATION: “We thank the lawmakers who voted today to move New Hampshire one step closer toward passing these crucially important protections into law,” said HRC National Field Director Marty Rouse. “No person should be fired, evicted, or denied service just because of who they are, and it is far beyond time that the Granite State’s non-discrimination protections include transgender people. We call on the New Hampshire Senate to swiftly pass this bill and send it to Governor Sununu’s desk for his signature.” More from HRC and Metro Weekly.

YOU CAN’T ERASE US: HRC Legal Affairs Director Sarah Warbelow had this to say about a move by HUD to remove from its mission statement language committing the department to fighting discrimination and supporting inclusivity: “This is another effort by the Trump-Pence Administration and Secretary Carson to erase LGBTQ people and other marginalized communities from key protections and language across agencies. It is unconscionable that a federal agency created, in part, to fight discrimination is being led by someone who has long denied such discrimination exists.” More from HRC and The Hill.

THANKFUL THURSDAY -- TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Keep an eye on CNN’s Instagram account, which HRC’s Charlotte Clymer (@cmclymer) will be taking over. “This International Women’s Day, the Human Rights Campaign is proud to stand in support of women and the fight for gender equality around the globe,” said HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow. “Lesbian, bisexual and transgender women face disproportionate levels of violence and gender-based discrimination. HRC is committed to working with women and our allies to achieve a world where all women are empowered and respected -- no matter the culture or society in which they live.” 

TRUMP-PENCE ADMINISTRATION SUING CALIFORNIA FOR SUPPORTING IMMIGRANTS: Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he will continue to rip apart families to advance the Trump-Pence administration's anti-immigrant agenda. HRC will continue to stand with our allies against hate, fear and oppression. More from The New York Times.

THE (MADISON, WISC.) CAP TIMES EDITORIAL BOARD CALLS GIAMPIETRO “ENTIRELY UNACCEPTABLE” FOR FEDERAL JUDICIAL APPOINTMENT: Gordon Giampietro’s disparaging comments include referring to birth control as “an assault on nature,” saying marriage equality is “against God’s plan” and LGBTQ people are “troubled” and unfit to be parents. More from The Cap Times.

OUTRAGEOUS -- NFL TEAM ASKED DERRIUS GUICE ABOUT HIS SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Said Ashland Johnson, HRC Director of Public Education and Research: “The fact that Derrius Guice was asked by an NFL team -- and a prospective employer -- about his sexual orientation is absurd and inappropriate. The fact this has happened before adds an even deeper layer of concern. His experience illustrates the risks faced by millions of LGBTQ people today in employment, athletics, housing and other areas of their lives. It’s why we need swift action to condemn these kinds of practices and to fight for passage of the Equality Act to ensure comprehensive nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people.” More from NBC Sports.

BLACK AND LATINX MEN LESS LIKELY TO USE PrEP TO PREVENT HIV: Barriers to access, including cost and stigma around HIV and AIDS, are contributing factors to the disparity. Though Black communities make up only 14 percent of the population, the 2016 report said, they account for an alarming 44 percent of all new HIV infections. More from The Daily Beast.

  • More than 200 prominent scientists, researchers and clinicians -- including the co-discoverer of HIV -- have signed an open letter to the Trump-Pence Administration calling on them to do more to fight HIV. More for Health Gap.

GENERAL MANAGER OF LAS VEGAS LGBTQ BAR SPEAKS OUT AFTER SHOOTING: “Your initial reaction is, ‘They were targeting us.’ Why else?” said Jennifer Hallie, the Las Vegas Lounge general manager. “We’re the only business that’s open this time of night. Everyone knows who we are -- we have a giant trans pride flag on the front. So, it’s hard to not think that.” More from Las Vegas Sun.

  • In Columbus, Ohio, Me’shach Miller  was arrested for threatening to kill LGBTQ people at a club. More from NBC 4i.      


HISTORIC RULINGS IN BRAZIL FOR TRANS COMMUNITY: The country’s Superior Electoral Court ruled that trans people may run for office using their correct name. Additionally, Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled that people can update their name on civil documents without proof of medical transition. More from Washington Blade.

TRANS PEOPLE IN PESHAWAR ISSUED DRIVER'S LICENSES WITH CORRECT GENDER MARKER: The licenses were issued during a ceremony, and the change was made without requiring that a person update other identity documents first. More from The News.


HEY, RABBI SHAPIRA, WHAT ABOUT THAT “WE ARE ALL GOD’S CHILDREN” TENET OF YOUR FAITH? At a conference, Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira asserted that Israel is beginning to look like “LGBTistan,” calling LGBTQ identity a “sickness.” More from Haaretz.

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