#AM_Equality Tipsheet: March 6, 2018

by Allison Turner

#HereToFight - HRC joins Dreamers for rally; HRC opposes Trump-Pence judicial nom Thomas Farr

#HereToFight -- HRC RALLIES WITH DREAMERS ON TRUMP-PENCE DACA DEADLINE DAY: Yesterday on Capitol Hill, HRC joined a rally and march to keep up the pressure and demand that Congress create a permanent solution for the Dreamers NOW. Despite the Trump-Pence Administration’s plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that protects Dreamers -- including approximately 75,000 LGBTQ Dreamers -- from deportation, court action has kept it in place for the time being. More from the Latin American Herald Tribune. Más de Hoy Digital.

  • Morning Must Read: “For this young LGBT man, the DACA fight means coming out of two closets,” reports Jenny Manrique (@JennyManriqueC) at The Dallas Morning News.
  • “Consideramos que lo que han hecho el Congreso y el presidente es inaudito, dejando a cientos de miles de personas en el limbo; es tiempo de que se resuelva de una vez por todas”, dijo Milagros Chirinos, jefa de prensa bilingüe-español de HRC. Más de LaVanguardia.

HRC OPPOSES TRUMP-PENCE JUDICIAL NOMINEE THOMAS FARR: Today, HRC sent a letter to senators urging them to oppose Donald Trump’s nomination of Farr to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. “Farr’s long career undermining the fundamental rights to vote raises concerns about his ability to enforce equal treatment under the law, particularly for African Americans and other historically disenfranchised groups of Americans,” said HRC Government Affairs Director David Stacy.” More from HRC.

TAKE A LISTEN TUESDAY: Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, is the troll capital of the U.S. It's also an extraordinary town that banded together to lift up an LGBTQ child. Check out this interview with local parent-advocate Amy Lyle about her work supporting the child, and starting the national I Am Jazz day of reading. More from Our Americana.

NEW POLLING SHOWS THAT MARIE NEWMAN AND DAN LIPINSKI ARE TIED IN ILLINOIS DEM PRIMARY: HRC has staff on the ground in this race and is joining a more than $1.3 million campaign partnering with other groups, including direct mail, digital persuasion ads and TV ads. Lipinski has an abysmal record on LGBTQ equality and the shameful distinction of being the worst-scoring Democrat on the HRC’s Congressional Scorecard. The people of Illinois' third district deserve a champion of equality fighting for each and every one of them in Congress -- Marie Newman. More from Politico.

TODAY -- OFFICIAL RELEASE OF HRC’S SARAH MCBRIDE’S MEMOIR: Along her path to becoming an LGBTQ civil rights pioneer were moments of heartbreak and struggle, as well as love and transcendence, as McBride (@SarahEMcBride) recounts in her new memoir, “Tomorrow Will Be Different.” She recently spoke to HRC about her book, the fight for equality and the unexpected power of vulnerability. More from HRC.

MORNING MUST READ: THE PLAGUE OF ANTI-LGBTQ DISCRIMINATION IN CHILD WELFARE SERVICES: Seven states have passed laws granting a license to discriminate against LGBTQ people in foster care and adoption services. Laws like these allow agencies to refuse to work with LGBTQ people; some even shockingly allow them to refuse to provide certain types of medical treatment to LGBTQ children in their care. More from Advocate.

GOTV IN TEXAS FOR SYLVIA GARCIA: HRC Texas field organizers have been hard at work mobilizing equality voters across the Lone Star State for the March 6 primary to support pro-equality candidates including Sylvia Garcia, who is running for Congress. More from HRC.

HRC MOURNS TA’RON M. CARSON, LGBTQ ADVOCATE SHOT IN KANSAS CITY: “Ta'Ron was always himself,” friend Gary Junior of Kansas City told The Kansas City Star. “He was not ashamed of his sexuality. He did not hide himself from anybody. He was really about standing up for the LGBT community.” More from The Kansas City Star.


ONGOING STORY -- PRINCIPAL FORCED TO GO ON LEAVE AFTER COMING OUT AS TRANSGENDER AND RECEIVING THREATS: Stanley School (Mass.) Principal Shannon Daniels planned to return to her position, but will remain on a temporary leave of absence indefinitely. More from The Daily Item.



ISRAEL MAY DEPORT LGBTQ ASYLUM SEEKERS TO COUNTRIES WITH DANGEROUS ANTI-LGBTQ LAWS: The country announced plans to deport LGBTQ asylum seekers to Rwanda and Uganda, claiming they do not count as part of an excluded group of people who cannot be deported. More from The Jerusalem Post.

MEET THE LAWYER FIGHTING FOR PANAMANIAN MARRIAGE EQUALITY: More from Michael K. Lavers (@mklavers81) in the  The Washington Blade.

READING RAINBOW - Bookmark now to read on your lunch break!

The New York Times reflects on the life of openly gay actor David Ogden Stiers; New York Daily News reports that there will be a LGBTQ-friendly St. Patrick’s Day Parade held in Queens on Sunday; Teen Vogue reports that Demi Lovato helped her friend propose to his boyfriend on stage at a recent concert; AlJazeera reviews the landscape for trans rights in Pakistan

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