#AM_Equality Tipsheet: February 2, 2018

by Allison Turner

New Report: A Path to Victory in 2018 - HRC and the Power of the Equality Voter

NEW REPORT: A PATH TO VICTORY IN 2018 -- HRC AND THE POWER OF THE EQUALITY VOTER: Today, HRC released a new report on the growing political power of the LGBTQ movement and HRC’s groundbreaking work to mobilize millions of “Equality Voters” in the 2018 elections. “It is clear that LGBTQ voters -- and their allies -- are one of the most reliable and highly-engaged voting blocs in the United States,” said HRC President Chad Griffin (@ChadHGriffin). “From Virginia to Alabama to a wave of historic victories for transgender candidates across the country, equality voters have been stepping up and making their voices heard at the ballot box. In 2018, HRC is mobilizing like never before to double down on these historic victories and pull the emergency brake on the Trump-Pence agenda of hate and discrimination.” Last July, a year after HRC significantly expanded its grassroots engagement and proved that LGBTQ voters are one of the most important and effective voting blocs in the nation, the organization launched HRC Rising -- a bold, proactive grassroots campaign to accelerate progress in states from coast-to-coast, resist the politics of hate, fight anti-LGBTQ legislation, and fuel pro-equality candidates and initiatives in 2018, 2020, and beyond. The power of the equality voter was also made crystal clear in 2017 when a wave of pro-equality and openly LGBTQ candidates were elected in states across the country. Read the full report at HRC.

TRUMP-PENCE ADMINISTRATION REFUSES TO SIGN STATEMENT SUPPORTING MARRIAGE EQUALITY AND TRANS RIGHTS: The statement indicates support of an Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ ruling on marriage equality and transgender rights. Said Ty Cobb, director of HRC Global (@TyWesleyCobb). “As the administration unleashes a torrent of attacks on the LGBTQ community here at home, it is also abandoning LGBTQ people around the world.” More from HRC and Pink News.

HRC TO HONOR TEXAS PEDIATRICIAN FOR HER LIFESAVING CARE OF TRANS YOUTH: Dr. Ximena Lopez, who founded the only clinic in the Southwest specializing in trans youth, will be honored at the Time to THRIVE Conference on February 16-18 in Orlando. Said Vincent Pompei, Director of HRC's Youth Well-Being Project and Time to THRIVE Conference chair: “Dr. Lopez’s groundbreaking health care work continues to literally save the lives of countless transgender and gender expansive youth in a state where anti-equality politicians routinely target transgender people for discrimination.” More from HRC.

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: The LGBTQ community is as diverse as the fabric of this nation, which is captured in this beautiful, inclusive Coca-Cola ad that will air Sunday during the Super Bowl.


HRC JOINS #NoBorderWall ACTION IN TEXAS: HRC Field Organizer Sissi Yado (@SissiYado) joined local activists and Dreamers to rally against Trump’s plan to build a wall through Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. More from Telemundo.

HRC SE UNE A LA ACCIÓN #NoBorderWall EN TEXAS: Sissi Yado (@SissiYado), Organizadora Comunitaria de HRC, participó junto a activistas locales y Soñadores para manifestarse contra los planes de Trump de contruir un muro fronterizo en el Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Santa Ana en Texas. Más de Telemundo.



TRANS WOMAN VIOLENTLY ATTACKED IN GEORGIA’S CAPITAL: Miranda Pagava’s attacker hit her with an iron bar while shouting transphobic slurs. More from Gay Star News.

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