Equality Magazine Cover

Liberation Without Exception

Fall 2023

In This Issue: Over the past year, we’ve navigated the challenges and triumphs with resilience. As the 2024 presidential election cycle kicks into high gear, we saw homophobia and transphobia take center stage in extremist candidates’ rhetoric. As MAGA politicians punched down, we punched back and made clear that our fight is for liberation without exception.

Featured Articles

The Choice Is Clear

by Brandon Wolf (He/Him)

At its core, the 2024 presidential election is an existential struggle for freedom, justice and equality in America. Emboldened by the 2016 election of Donald Trump and the assaults on freedom that ensued, right-wing extremists have taken aim at LGBTQ+…

Power of Our Pride

The power of our LGBTQ+ community was on full display as HRC held its Equality Convention and National Dinner Weekend.

Searching for Safety

by Jose Soto (He/Him)

For some families, the impact of enacted anti-LGBTQ+ state laws goes beyond political implications. In states where discriminatory state legislation has passed into law, these families have been presented with…

Building Community

Fostering community has been at the core of the LGBTQ+ rights movement since its inception. We have always understood the power that we have in numbers, the need to have…