HRC Celebrates Non-Binary People's Day

Non-binary is a term used to describe gender identities that do not fit within the traditional categories of male or female. This identity challenges the binary concept of gender that society typically adheres to, acknowledging the diversity and fluidity of gender experiences. For those who identify as non-binary - a term used to describe genders besides just male or female - but not as transgender. It is also for those who identify as both transgender and non-binary simultaneously (e.g. “trans non-binary”).

Non-binary people may use various terms to describe their gender identity, such as genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, or bigender, among others. Embracing non-binary identities is part of a broader movement towards inclusivity.

No matter who you are, we affirm you, your gender is valid - and this day is for you.

There are many ways to show your support, so no matter who you are, you can take steps towards strengthening your allyship. Keep an open mind that there are many different experiences to draw from when building one’s understanding of non-binary and gender-expansive communities.

Transgender and Non-Binary People FAQ

Learn more about our community and support transgender and non-binary people with our frequently asked questions resource.

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Understanding Neopronouns

Neopronouns are also pronouns, and include those pronouns besides the ones most commonly used in a particular language. When someone chooses to use neopronouns, they are expressing their authentic selves, and deserve our respect.

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Resources for Family Members of Black Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender-Expansive Youth

For Black parents and caregivers searching for resources that speak to their family's experience including the intersections of gender and race, we have gathered sources that address: navigating racial bias in gender-affirming medical care, discussions around religion and faith, and more.

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Get the Facts about Transgender & Non-Binary Athletes

Transgender and non-binary people have been under attack for years - the pivot to sports is yet another front in this fight.

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Our Work in Advocating for Non-Binary Communities

Through our reports and resources, you can discover more of the lived experiences, challenges, and aspirations of non-binary people. Whether you want to foster a more inclusive environment for trans and gender-expansive experiences or are searching for resources to help with your own journey, our extensive collection is here to support you!

Coming Out Guides and Advocacy Resources

The HRC Foundation creates guides and resources with data-driven analyses and backed-up information to spread awareness on issues facing our communities and individuals. We work to continue to educate and inspire ourselves and others to continue the fight for equality.

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Show Your Pride with HRC's Non-Binary Shirt!

Celebrate your identity and embrace diversity with HRC's Non-Binary Pride T-shirt, featuring the colors of the non-binary flag.

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