HRC Honors and Celebrates National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month, a time to raise awareness of the thousands of children and youth in the country who are awaiting adoption every year. It is also an opportunity to bring attention to the overrepresentation of LGBTQ+ youth in child welfare, with over 30% of youth in foster care identifying as LGBTQ+.

National Adoption Month

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3 Reasons for LGBTQ+ People to Consider Adoption:

  • LGBTQ+ folks make EXTRAORDINARY parents because we understand the power and love in CHOSEN family

  • LGBTQ+ people can provide the affirming and loving permanent family that LGBTQ+ youth deserve

  • Hundreds of child welfare agencies have implemented LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices


How Can I Find an LGBTQ+ Friendly Adoption or Foster Care Agency?

Here are three signs you can look for to assess whether an agency may be prepared to work with the LGBTQ+ community

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How Much Does Adoption Cost?

Learn more about the different costs of Adoption.

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WEBINAR: Caring for and Affirming LGBTQ+ Youth

Research on the importance of providing affirming homes for these youth, as well as concrete tips for how to be affirming will then be presented.

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Take the next step forward

Find an LGBTQ+ Friendly Adoption or Foster Care Agency.

5 Things YOU Can Do to Support LGBTQ+ Youth and Families

  • Implement or Advocate for LGBTQ+ Inclusive Policy and Practice
    All Children - All Families has an annual participation cycle that supports agencies in LGBTQ+ inclusive policy and practice change – encourage your organization to join or if you’re in leadership, sign up today!

  • Training on LGBTQ+ inclusion
    HRC’s All Children - All Families has an archive of over 40 free LGBTQ+ inclusion webinars available on-demand.

  • Leadership Engagement
    Organization leaders can access a free webinar on-demand that covers proven leadership strategies and innovative approaches to include LGBTQ+ stakeholders.

  • Ongoing Learning
    Subscribe to the “Field Forward” monthly e-newsletter from All Children - All Families for monthly LGBTQ+ inclusion updates. Also, each year, from January through August, you can also join live sessions of the “Field Forward” webinar series from HRC’s All Children - All Families program.

Hundreds of Agencies Have Committed to LGBTQ+ Inclusion.